F TURBO Rare Japanese LCD Retro TokyoFlash Collectors Watch - ONE ONLY!


"An uncommon watch with unique time display..."  ONLY ONE AVAILABLE!

We are cleaning up and getting ready to move to a new shop and found 1 of these NOS rare beauties (black anodized finish) on the shelf. Last one!!

Dripping with cool steampunk style, this hard to find F Turbo Japanese Fashion watch features a future-industrial design with portholed pie-shaped segmented LCD displays to show the time. As seen previously on the TokyoFlash website (exact same manufacturer). 

*This watch is definitely NOT easy to read, but it wins huge points for bold fashion and mysterious style...

Your watch is a statement..what do you want to say?


✔️ Clever Segment LCD Display
✔️ Green LED Backlight

✔️ Display Box & Instructions.

✔️ Fresh Batteries Installed

How To Tell the Time:
• 6 portals on left. Each portal is 1 hr split in half.
• 6 portals on right. Each portal is split into 10 minutes.
• 1 portal on bottom = seconds

*This watch is not intended for convenience or accurate timekeeping. The main function is as a horological fashion statement. 
~ New Old Stock Clearance Watches are tested at time of shipment and new batteries installed. They are not subject to return unless in the event of a factory defect. 

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